Bio - Billy Moore

When Billy Moore’s daughter was five, she left her paints and paint brush out one day.  Billy picked them up and it felt like a natural fit.  That was over 15 years ago, and Billy has been painting ever since.  Billy likes to paint outside the lines.  With no formal art education, he goes with the flow and lets the painting make a life of its own.  He uses reclaimed materials and bold colors to create whimsical and thoughtful pieces.

His works are a creation of his environment, upbringing, and imagination.  Landscapes, sayings, animals, and music are a few of his favorite subjects.  Billy’s work can be found in shops, galleries, and restaurants throughout the South.  Billy loves seeing the smiles his work puts on people’s faces and is humbled that so many folks have his art displayed in their homes.

Billy is from Memphis, Tennessee and lived there most of his life.  He recently relocated to Birmingham, Alabama with his wife and two dogs.  His daughter, Lauren, has grown into an amazing young lady and has set out to make her mark on the world.